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Brent's novel


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Brent writes about teaching prison theater in:

Performing New Lives: Prison Theater


Jonathan Shailor

Published by the distinguished British publisher Jessica Kingsley,

the book includes a chapter by Brent based on the ten years that he taught

with Rehabilitation Through the Arts in 

New York prisons like Sing Sing, Woodbourne, Fishkill and Greenhaven.


Review of Performing New Lives! 


The cover of the book is a photograph from Brent's play

"Breakin' the Mummy's Code" in performance at Sing Sing.


This is an extraordinary video created by Jonathan Shailor

about the book


Performing New Lives is now available on Amazon at this link:

Here is an excellent article about the book by Jeff Stanley:

Below is another of Brent's photographs which appears in the book:

"Oedipus," by Sophocles  and directed by Joanna Chan



For the last ten years, Brent directed many shows 

inside New York's maximum security prisons

as a volunteer with Rehabilitation Through the Arts.

Read about some of the shows here by clicking on the links:

Here's an Esquire article by John Richardson about Brent's show "Breakin' the Mummy's Code"

Esquire Article.pdf

Here's a New York Times article about "Stratford's Decision" that Brent

directed at Sing Sing Correctional Facility

NewYorkTimes "Behind the Walls of Sing Sing.pdf

Here's an article about the production of "Of Mice and Men" that Brent directed

Journal News, "Of Mice and Men".pdf

Here's an article by Donna Lamb from the Greenwich Village Gazette about

"From Sing Sing to Broadway"--the show Brent created and directed 

which was presented at Playwright's Horizons on 42nd Street

From Sing Sing to Broadway.pdf

And another article about "From Sing Sing to Broadway"

Acting Up and Out.pdf


To Book Brent's talk:

Theater Behind Bars: A Conversation with Brent Buell

send an email to:


Brent directed "MOSES," the new comedy by Rosie DeSanctis

which was an Official Selection of

The Art of Brooklyn Film Festival.

You can watch it here:



Rosie De Sanctis

Brent appears in the video by Woods titled "Death Rattles." 

He plays a wizard conjuring up the dead.  

He appears about 1 minute and 45 seconds into the video.  

Big surprise: he's the guy with the long blond hair. Enjoy!


You can reach Brent by email at:

You can also find him on Facebook


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