Brent Buell

When large numbers of people begin to disappear worldwide, the Christian Right assumes that the Divine Rapture is underway. A mysterious man with dreadlocks appears at the New York Stock Exchange, announces that he’s Jesus, and hundreds of brokers vanish. Most Christians and the US government are sure he is a terrorist. But from the US prison in Guantanamo to Vatican City, from Huntsville’s death row to the catacombs beneath New York City, small groups of people begin to piece together what is actually happening and uncover a truth that will possibly save humanity. What is that truth? Nothing you’ve ever heard even comes close! BRENT BUELL Brent Buell This is an outstandingly original work. There is a delirious surreal quality to the story that Monty Python would have been proud of. Reminds me to some extent of the feel of Catch 22. . . . It’s a fiendish plot and also very funny. Somebody said that all laughter was revenge and this seems to me to be the perfect revenge over just about everyone in power in the US. Andy Martin, Author of The Boxer and the Goalkeeper: Sartre vs Camus. Brent Buell does not like stupidity. He really doesn’t like it when it’s coupled with the apocalyptic thinking and megalomania that were such hallmarks of George W. Bush’s train wreck of an administration. So there’s only one thing to do if one is a brilliant satirist and that’s to give Dubya and his equally demented henchmen and women a sound, hilarious, uproarious drubbing. You’ll alternately laugh your head off and gasp with astonishment there’s no sacred cow that Buell doesn’t skewer, and the more sacred, the more skewerable. But like a lot of satirists, Buell’s razor wit almost camouflages his compassion for the sad and sorry human race. In the end there’s justice and even mercy for the baddies. You won’t guess what it is, but when it comes, it’s perfection. Arlene McKanic, Writer