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Over the course of these ninety riveting minutes of sheer lightning, the gentleman manages to sing, to dance and to act in a variety of ages and accents, and also tell his acclaimed spoken-word poetry and to captivate from his very first nanosecond on stage. As if none of this was enough, he manages to paint a self-portrait right before our eyes. - Andrew Martin, NiteLifeExchange

Mandingo. . . is a multitalented performer. His one-man show, "unFRAMED: A Man in Progress," directed by Brent Buell, is a tour de force, providing insight into the life of an immigrant artist and the trials and tribulations of his family and friends.- Herb Boyd, Amsterdam News

I saw a piece of theater last night that was, perhaps unintentionally, ritual on stage. . . . My heart is still in my throat as I attempt to process what was stirred up. It is a one man show called unFRAMED, written and performed by Iyaba Ibo Mandingo. He tells his story of being a West Indian immigrant to the U.S., but it is really all of our stories. I am becoming more and more aware, as I dive deeper into the work with spirit, that we all hold this energy in our bodies and our psyche--"oppressed" and "oppressor" alike--that shows up, on the surface, as inwardly and outwardly expressed anger, fear, depression, hatred, lust, gluttony, greed, racism, capitalism/corporatism, etc., that is more indicative of a profound collective grief that is desperately seeking release. My God, the power of the word, and the power of theater, to conjure up deeply hidden truth and bring it to the light for healing, was never more evident for me than in last night's performance. -- Martha Grier, D.Ay., C.Y.T., C.H.C.

Seeing a person trying to be honest about himself and his life is always riveting, but to see someone who is immensely talented do so is beyond amazing!” - Donna Lamb, Caribbean Life

I had heard about unFRAMED long before booking it for our festival. The piece had been performed at numerous colleges and performance festivals, generating an impressive backlog of enthusiastic reviews. unFRAMED is a compelling performance piece in which the very striking Antigua native Iyaba Mandingo details his incredible journey to America while simultaneously painting his self-portrait on stage in front of the audience. His story is both deeply personal and starkly political, revealing a man whose identity literally and figuratively changes through the course of his extraordinary saga to become an American. While our government continues to focus on the challenges and complexities of U.S. immigration from Mexico, I found myself drawn to Mandingo’s story, which invites us into the psyche of an émigré of singular talent and determination. -  Seth Rozin, Producing Artistic Director, InterAct Theatre, Philadelphia, PA

Artist and performer Iyaba Ibo Mandingo is undeniably talented. Though he describes himself "as a painter and a poet," in unFRAMED, Mandingo also demonstrates his abilites as a singer, dancer, performance artist, standup comedian and storyteller.  With the aid of director Brent Buell (From Sing Sing to Broadway; The Gem Exchange), Mandingo combines his talents and produces a multimedia performance that is entertaining, thought-provoking and truly beautiful.  -- Kevin Powell, Show Business Weekly

One of the most powerful, sometimes funny, often angry but ultimately life-affirming shows I've ever seen! GO EXPERIENCE IT!!! -- Frank Lowell, WTBQ

If you are looking to see something that will have you talking for days, maybe weeks, go see unFRAMED.  -- The Hudson Valley Parent

The play's ability to transcend race and class and give refreshing life to universal themes has made unFRAMED resonate so well across demographic boundaries. -- Peter Spengeman, Chronogram

Everyone needs to know what a fantastic -- simply great show this is.  Humor, depth, artistry -- it has it all and it is truly an engaging and wonderful evening of theater . . . . Heart, heart, heart. GO to this show -it's one of the best evenings of theater you will experience and I cannot recommend it highly enough!  -- Michele Peters, Esq., Audience Member